Is Deadly StreetWear Actually Indigenous Owned & Operated?


Yes, Of Course! We know there are some businesses out there offering similar products that are not actually under Indigenous Ownership. We can assure you Deadly StreetWear is Australian Aboriginal Owned & Operated. Our Parent Company 'JC Promotions & Apparel' has also been Supply Nation Certified.



Are any of your products manufactured overseas?


Definitely not! We have a strong belief that its is time to make Australia great again, we want to support local as much as we can and can assure you every production you see on our Deadly StreetWear Website is Australian Made and has the Certification to prove it. 



What is Sublimation Printing?


Sublimation is a method of printing that uses heat and ink to transfer a design into a fabric or material. Sublimation can allow for whole garment print and means you can print a design seam-to-seam, covering the entire materials surface!



Why do I need to Pre-Order my new products?


The concept we have created for implementing new designs every 90 days does mean we are unable to hold stock for future purchases. We are an Indigenous Small Business at the beginning of our Journey and appreciate all of your support! 



How long do I need to wait for my products to arrive after I order? 


We will be fulfilling our Pre Orders at the end of every fortnight, production takes around 4 weeks, so your products should be arriving in approx. 6 weeks from your Pre Order Date.



How can I order a design which is no longer available / a previous design? 


The concept we have created of reloading our website with fresh and new designs every 90 days does mean that past design will no longer be available for individual purchases! If you did miss out and would like to order a past design we can process a special order for Minimums of x10 Units.



Can I add my logo onto any of the products from Deadly StreetWear?


We can offer the customisation of adding your Logo / Branding Messages onto any of our designs, this will require an order of Minimum x15 Units.



Are the shirts the same size as what I would usually buy at the shops?


 Our Men's shirt sizes have been graded a little larger than what you might find in the shops, especially around the sleeves and shoulders to accomodate for all of our Mob! Ladies sizes are a little more fitted in these areas and also have the tapered waist. We always recommend taking a look at our Sizing Charts before making your purchase to ensure you are ordering the right size! 



Why would I opt for Express Shipping if I am already waiting for my Pre Order?


Even when making Pre Orders we still offer the option for express shipping, this option is available as we may have clients who are in Regional / Semi-Rural Locations who would not want to wait the extra time for freight after Pre Order items are shipped.


If you have a question for us that you can't find the answer for, please reach out through our Contact Us Page and we would be happy to help with any questions you may have