Preserve The Future Of Australia Manufacturing By Buying 100% Aussie Clothing

International shopping is available at our fingertips, but is it necessarily better? More so, what does it spell for Australian industries?

Product competition hasn’t been local for years. With the click of a button, businesses can be hand-picked from across the globe, and the countries that offer the most affordable prices often attract the most business.

But what about the business in our own backyards? The family started industries, the passion projects and the problem solvers that don’t need to be offshored? While international products serve a purpose, there is still undoubtedly a need for Australian made products. But why?


Support The Australian Economy

You’ve probably heard this rattled off in most local Aussie ads, but it is truly an important topic to understand. Spending money in Australia means more money stays in Australia instead of being sent overseas.

Your local purchase supports jobs, businesses and services in Australia. By supporting the local economy, you foster Australian businesses to offer more services and lower the need to offshore.

In certain fields, it’s becoming harder and harder to find Australian options. When we first launched our service, finding local partners to assist our production line was genuinely challenging.

Luckily, we found the right team to help create, design, print, and assemble our local and ethically sourced Aboriginal clothing brand all on Aussie soil!

Today, about 14,000 textile, clothing, and footwear businesses operate in the country - primarily out of Victoria. The industry employs around 36,000 people. By supporting Australian clothing brands, you help support the people in and around the industry; the farmers, fabric makers, designers, embroiderers, printers and more.


You’re Supporting Better Work Conditions

The reason most clothing and fashion companies have offshored manufacturing is because of cheap labour. With that often comes a drop in quality and employee wellbeing. Countries in Asia or South America do not have work regulations, and as a result, the workers are often treated unjustly with no legal backing.

Australia has worker standards that protect the safety and quality of life of the employees. There are several ways to determine if a product is entirely Australian, with one of the clearest identifiers being the ‘Australian Made’ logo.


Made To Aussie Standards

All products made and manufactured in Australia are expected to meet some of the world’s strictest labour and quality control standards. Take pride knowing that if you’re wearing an all-Australian garment, that it’s made of the good stuff!


Better Lead Times & Delivery

When postage is just from around the bend, that means you’re waiting less for your order to arrive. No matter where you are, national postage takes a few days max! So if you need a product in a pinch, getting it locally will probably have it in your hands much quicker than an international order (while also avoiding costly international shipping rates).


You’re Sparking Change

By choosing to buy Aussie made products, you spread the seeds of change that Australians want locally manufactured products. Your purchase behaviour influences other businesses and sways the supply and demand chain in our country. The more people buy Australian, the more affordable local products and services become.

As we stand, most Australian clothing and textile companies rely on overseas businesses to lower costs and compete with cheap imports. This way, some part of the process remains in the hands of Australians - while still offering competitive prices. It’s expected that if consumer behaviour follows the current trajectory, local manufacturing may be extinct within the next few decades. To preserve 100% Australian made clothing; people need to buy local. The future is in your hands.


Support Australian Made Clothing

At Deadly Streetwear, we offer a range of contemporary Aboriginal inspired clothing made from start to finish in Australia. If you want to support the future of Australian manufacturing and get something made to true-blue standards, check out our online store. Stay Deadly!