What Is The Meaning Behind Our Aboriginal Sublimated Apparel Designs?

The conservation, nurturing and sharing of Aboriginal culture is a topic near and dear to the hearts of the Deadly Streetwear team. As an Australian Indigenous-owned and operated business, we see it as our mission to make sure all Indigenous mobs receive the utmost respect and have their art, as well as our culture, respectfully shared with the broader Australian community. 

Deadly Streetwear partners with several local Aboriginal artists to make impactful cultural clothing. Each piece tells a story of the land, its people and the amazing culture that is Australia. These stunning works of art are then printed onto our sublimated range and shared with our customers. 

A popular question we receive is, "are your prints sourced from actual Aboriginal artists?". We love this question because it shows an interest and passion for the ethical attainment of Indigenous art. The answer, of course, is yes - each of our prints is made here in Australia by a spectacular Indigenous artist. Each piece has a unique story and a connection to the land which we call home. 

Get to know some of our most popular sublimated designs below. 

“Desert Water” - Matt Robert (QLD)

This amazing art piece represents flowing waterholes, community and the outback. Waterholes such as these are sacred and scarce in the desert. They were of great importance to our Aboriginal ancestors and continue to have profound importance to us today.

The centre of this piece consists of dot circles that represent waterholes. The surrounding blue symbolises the flowing water which runs around these water holes.

Several journey lines exist between the community groups surrounding the water holes to represent the different communities travelling together to meet at this sacred site. This art piece is bordered by two-tone brown lines that represent the desert landscape. 

This piece was created by young Queensland artist, Matt Robert. His people are the Guugu Yimithirr, and he uses his inspiration from personal experiences, country and interpretations to create art with strong storytelling and messages. He experiments with a wide range of colours and plays with traditional and contemporary Indigenous styles. 

“Along The Riverbank” - Melinda Solomon (VIC)

“Along The Riverbank” is a more literal depiction of a scene. It paints the picture of a long neck turtle swimming in the Murray River (Dhungala). The colourful art touches on the motion of the flowing river and the riverbank, which is speckled with Kangaroo tracks and gum leaves. 

Artist Melinda Solomon's people are the Eastern Kuku Yalanji mob and the Girramay. She creates Authentic Aboriginal art and utilises both canvas and natural features for her art. 


“Peaceful Platypus” - Vickie Purvis (NSW)

The “Peaceful Platypus” artwork reminds us that we are not always as in control of everything as we may like, but that's ok. Like the platypus depicted in this artwork, sometimes we just need to go with the flow of things. We glide through life, supporting each other, dealing with emotions and life's challenges. The platypus dares you to be at peace with yourself no matter what life throws your way.


Deadly Streetwear Is Proud To Support Indigenous Artists

Here at Deadly Streetwear, we are proud to reproduce these amazing art pieces on our clothing products. We strive to add more amazing artists to our collection and provide you with stunning, locally made Aboriginal prints. If you fell in love with any of these artworks, check out our product range online and pick up a sublimated shirt with your favourite print. Want to know more? Call us today.